The application range of the Cnc glass cutting machine introduced news _ _

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-01
CNC glass cutting machine is a kind of glass cutting machine, so the application of CNC glass cutting machine mainly what? Mr Wade is a professional engaged in CNC glass cutting machine manufacturers. Today, Mr Wade automation equipment to detail the application of CNC glass cutting machine for you. CNC glass cutting machine is mainly used in automobile, motorcycle rearview mirror and cosmetic mirror, magnifying glass, photovoltaic glass, mobile phone glass and need to various shapes of glass. After import cutting in computer graphics, the machine will automatically generate the cutting trajectory, set the cutting parameters, can accurate and fast completion of the cutting process. Precise cutting graphics can be any shape, cutting depth, cutting surface is smooth, no edge, can cut a straight line tangent curve. CNC four axis deep curvature cutter for cutting the spherical glass, knife wheel pressure points to, its finished product is very easy to break glass. Glass cutting machine with robots and other automation devices of automatic production line can greatly improve the productivity. Through the above detailed all the interpretation of for the application of the glass cutting machine also have a certain understanding. Above, is Mr Wade summary for everyone on the application of CNC glass cutting machine in detail, you are welcome to inquire!
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