The application principle of glass cutting machine assembly line

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-21
The working principle of glass cutting machine assembly line its working principle is to cut glass by conveyor belt to the workbench. First of all, through mechanical positioning, the position of the glass is good. Diamond cutter wheel cutting head along the X direction and Y direction respectively, for cutting substrates. Machine tool control part adopts CNC control card, the driving part adopts advanced ac servo motor. Chassis material using national standard manganese steel welded together. The mechanical properties of steel is very good, plastic and good welding performance. The use of special cleaning process to remove surface rust and surface oxidation layer, the bottom spray advanced epoxy primer, surface spraying, senior automotive paint. Through professional structural analysis software, equipment can guarantee the stability of the machine, dynamic balance and mechanical strength, to achieve the perfect match, guarantee the workbench structure deformation. Equipment has a key reset function. Just before start automatically according to the touch screen to finish all the preparatory work, greatly improving the work efficiency; The overall cable, trachea rational layout, completely sealed. Reduce the oil supply mode: adopt double oil ( Divided into general cutting oil and advanced cutting oil) , and air filtration equipment, to ensure that the use of cutting oil cleaning, automatic filling, and knife synchronous ( Two kinds of cutting oil can also be injected at the same time, the main is really TCO, low radiation glass) and other 。 Quiet linear guide rail and high-speed cutting of high precision, low noise. Transmission part adopts the advanced Japanese enchuan servo motor, the device is reliable, error is small, high efficiency. Cutting operation in Japan SMC proportional electromagnetic valve, according to the glass thickness automatically adjust the pressure, rotate 360 degrees of the cutting tools, knife (buffer Can be precisely cut any straight lines and all kinds of irregular glass) 。 Cutting head is equipped with creeping round, to prevent assembly and glass accidental damage of the cutting tools.
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