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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-16
Glass deep processing products of scribing machine is mainly used in: construction, transportation, refrigeration, military and other aspects. And according to use can be divided into: architectural glass, automotive glass, trains, ships, aviation glass, electronic glass, and other special glass products. According to the process can be divided into: cutting, edge grinding glass, toughened glass, coated glass, hot bending glass, decorative glass, coated glass, sandwich glass, hollow glass, vacuum glass, art glass, and other products. And glass scribing machine also has the product variety, small batch plate, change is big, high machining accuracy, strict quality, production organization is difficult, wide applicability etc. Automatic glass cutting machine manufacturer Eworld equipment co. , LTD. , main: glass scribing machine, auto glass cutting machine, automatic labeling glass cutting machine and glass scribing machine, etc. ; Is engaged in the automatic glass cutting equipment research and development, design, manufacture, sales and after-sales service is one of the high-tech enterprises, are always welcome your arrival. The above content is derived from the Eworld equipment's official website: WWW. lydesignglass。 com
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