Tell you how to hubei machinery glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-16
Do you know how to maintain the glass cutting machine? Here, Mr Wade's small make up to tell you. A part, electrical inspection interval - on a regular basis - - Check the content and the matters needing attention 1 in 30 days, pay attention to - - Check the electrical cabinet and electrical components, please be sure to close the external power supply, so as to avoid electric shock! 2, control cabinet internal dry and clean, The vacuum cleaner is preferred) 。 3, the control cabinet internal prohibited, sundry, close cupboard door during the work. 4, check that all parts of the stroke switch cable to see if there is any breakage situation and the touch rod whether there is loose, etc. 5, check all motor, after electrify inspect whether there is a sound or smell, if discovery is unusual situation in a timely manner to contact customer service. 6, check the remote control batteries, button, and look whether there is a touch condition. Second, part of the regular inspection interval - gas path - - Check the content and the matters needing attention 1 in 30 days, check the gas source processor the above-mentioned pressure is normal ( Normal is green marked area in the table 6 bar) 。 2, chuck in peacetime should always check to see if there is broken glass when using, often clean ( Time interval between each week is preferred) 。 3, the next is some there is no need to turn it over, sucker to avoid direct contact with touch glass edge to cut. 4, must be timely check the oil level of the vacuum pump and clean screen pack need to clean and 1 year 6 months need to change the vacuum pump oil. 5, the inlet pressure slightly fine-tuning to 7 - high 8 bar, and then see if there are any obvious throughout all piping and joint leakage phenomenon. Check the pressure adjusting back to the end of 4 - 6 bar. 6, ventilation and manually operation solenoid valve, back and forth movement cylinder to check whether there is gas leakage or other abnormal phenomena. Three, mechanical part inspection contents and note 1, screw elevator parts every week to clean the screw surface and butter ( Winter to heat resistance - 20 - to - 30 degrees of lubricating oil) 。 2, the monthly need to check the screw elevator components on the rotating shaft collar attachment screw and screw head. 3, the walking motor and walking wheels have clearance jitter epidermis and wheel wear. 4, check the air inlet fan every six months whether to have attachments, if there is a clear in time. 5, often want to cleaning and moisture, smooth every three months to check, such as finding can moderate adjustment. That is Mr Wade's small make up of the information on maintenance of glass cutting machine, hope to help you, specific details can hotline: 13197170027
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