Super white embossed glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-16
Of course, protect glass cutting machine, because components: the work environment is poor, some components to work all the year round there is wind, the wind will blow to the component object, such as stones, can cause damage to components, are likely to encounter bad weather such as hail. Toughened glass has strong mechanical shock resistance, can effectively protect the fragile cell components, they did not make it. In addition, the insulation capability of the component a contribution of toughened glass, protect components from the breakdown of the lightning risk. 1. 3, pervious to light without laminated tempered glass is pervious to light is not transparent, the light transmittance is lower, but once after laminated, and EVA after melting together, he will be able to more than 91%, the light transmittance of the cell can effectively absorb the light to generate electricity. At the same time, fully using the suede and diffuse reflection principle of embossed pattern, greatly reduce the reflectance of light, make its have under the condition of all kinds of Angle of incidence, sunlight has very high light transmittance. Second, the classification of toughened glass has a variety of classification. According to the shape can be divided into flat tempered glass and curved tempered glass. Flat tempered glass thickness has 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 19 mm eight; Curved tempered glass thickness has 5, 6, 8 mm 3 kinds. Toughened glass according to its appearance quality is divided into: classy article, qualification. Toughened glass according to the state of debris can be divided into: I, Ⅱ and Ⅲ class. Photovoltaic industry mainly has the ultra white embossed toughened glass toughened glass, toughened glass of hot reflex plated film. 2. 1, super super white embossed white embossed glass toughened glass cutting machine is to use iron content is extremely low ore mineral raw materials instead of ordinary glass, use to be the same as the ordinary embossed glass technology to produce high light transmittance, low reflectivity of embossed glass. The super white embossed glass is mainly used in the solar industry. The current mainstream products is also called low iron tempered embossed glass ( Monday called tempered suede glass) , the thickness of 3. 2 mm, within the scope of the wavelength of solar spectral response ( 320 ~ 1100海里) , light transmittance can reach more than 91%, for more than 1200 nm infrared light with high reflectivity. Figured glass has two advantages: first of all, the embossing treatment of the bond strength of glass and EVA increases greatly, prolong the service life of the components; Second, embossed design fully using the embossed pattern of diffuse reflection principle, greatly reduce the reflectance of light, make its have under the condition of all kinds of Angle of incidence, sunlight has very high light transmittance.
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