Such maintenance glass beveling machine to you for many years

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-28
The glass edges have a lot of, we use a round edge, hypotenuse, square edge, for different edge trimming machine need to use a different glass, we mainly said is glass beveling machine today, needless to say, it is cutting bevel edge, want to use machine for a long time, we will be good curing it, concrete curing method is as follows. 1, adopts stepless adjustment, adjustable size, smooth speed. 2, high precision glass beveling machine with special motor, bottom all use 2200 watts of grinding head motor, chamfering USES 1500 watts of grinding head motor, makes beveling machine cut glass like mud in the grinding process. 3, chamfering machine and before the beam synchronization, the thickness of the glass thick or thin, do not need to adjust the width of the chamfering. 4, qc commissioner of equipment girder detection error control in the plus or minus 0. Within 5 mm, the precision of the girder, guarantees the so there's no doubt of the machine service life, my company is a leading industry in this area. Some manufacturers restricted by cost has not been equipped with qc commissioner. 5 and unique beveling machine has overload protection circuit, automatic stop when motor overload grinding, which guarantees the safety of the grinding head motor. Good glass beveling machine equipment, not only to use when use, maintenance and don't fuck too much heart, we often have to do is the grinding machine and hygiene, the deposition of powder, small glass disposed in time.
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