Stone edge grinding machine and glass edge grinding machine which good

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-31
Stone edge grinding machine is to use non-standard machine, grinding wheel disc together to become a special grinding head, grinding head installed on the hanging beam and rack, can make the grinding head moving whole, edge grinding machine transmission adopts stepless speed regulation. Stone edge grinding machine for the coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing of line can be a complete, which improved the production efficiency and line quality, and cost saving. Stone edge grinding machine is a kind of multi-functional machine, glass, ceramic plate for grinding processing, processing the plate thickness to 60 mm thick. Glass edge grinding machine, glass linear edging machine for grinding of different size and thickness of plate glass straight line flat, and the edge of the straight line flat for 45 degree chamfer. Flat coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing and edge of coarse and fine grinding processing done at a time. Glass edge grinding machine is suitable for furniture glass and architectural glass and process glass processing, deep processing of glass machinery equipment is in one of the earliest birth and dosage of the largest cold working equipment. Glass edge grinding machine can grinding all kinds of round edge, straight edge, the duck mouth, etc. , and is not affected by the glass exterior aspect of the circle, the size of the limitation of 3 - processing plate thickness 25 mm, the disadvantage is that not like stone edge grinding function of grinding a variety of shapes. Glass edge grinding machine set of coarse grinding, fine grinding, polishing and chamfering once processed, the use of frequency converter speed control or stepless speed regulation, wide adjustable range, speed smooth, can be arbitrary adjust the feeding speed during grinding and feeding. , of course, the final conclusion is that the glass edge grinding machine and stone edge grinding machine.
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