Special-shaped glass machine maintenance method

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-12
Special-shaped glass machine is suitable for the processing of flat glass abnormity surrounding and bevel edge. Adopts the vacuum adsorption on the suction cups, glass with motor drive regulated rotating or individual drive plate rotate an independent satellite, restore the machine machinable 700 - diameter 2100 or 100 - mm 700 mm of special-shaped plate glass. Wheel rotation speed can be arbitrary speed at work. This machine use of cylinder can also be used for simple shape special-shaped glass glass for semi-automatic grinding. Grinding, around three grinding wheels can be installed for rough and fine grinding and polishing. Grinding hypotenuse, install bowl grinding wheel, grinding head tilted back, adjust incline Angle, to face machining special-shaped glass cutting machine maintenance method 1, keep the vacuum pump oil in line; 2, must have enough pressure of cooling water when grinding, to ensure the efficiency and service life of the grinding wheel of grinding; 3, such as speed suddenly sharply lower, in use process should reduce laboratory mill pressure, do not overload use as far as possible, otherwise easy to damage the motor; 4, every day after work must clean equipment on all the glass scraps, attention can't use hand to touch, but directly rinse; 5, each half a lube for equipment; 6, prevent winter freezing pipes after work every day must be put off the cooling water in the pipe.
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