Some glass cutting machine is widely used hollow glass

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-12
Some glass cutting machine is widely used hollow glass of countries and regions, double sealing process dominates the mainstream market, other processes only exist as a supplement; Although the double seal has a relatively complex process, but as a result of using a wide range and stable and reliable quality, its superiority is not by certain one-sidedness and denying it; 2, the application of hollow glass sealing material in the industry have a lot of argument, the author thinks that there are a lot of arguments with obvious utilitarian, who did which product is infinite exaggerate their superior product one or several attributes, rather than as a hollow glass, needed to make a complete process only emphasize its sealing (such as strip type The raw material of butyl rubber and polyisobutylene its very low moisture transmittance) , but ignore the ability of high temperature, the poor solvent resistance and creep resistance, silicone rubber only emphasize its resistance to ultraviolet light and anti-aging performance but not its high water vapor transmittance and migration of silicone oil dissolve as the first line of the sealing of butyl rubber and damage the sealing system, although some propaganda with nanomaterials can increase modified silicone rubber air tightness but according to the survey data with nano materials modified sealants can now only in the lab is just a relatively distant fantasy; 3, glass cutting machine so analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of various materials to the following conclusion: hollow glass Mosaic decoration class of request is not high because only contact with the outside weather conditions in a room with a rubber strip type insulating glass of the production process is preferred; For hidden frame curtain wall hollow glass due to consider security, demanding the structural strength and resistance to ultraviolet ageing resistance, the silicone - - Butyl series double sealing technology is no choice. For other, more extensive because of polysulfide hollow glass using field - - Butyl series double sealing process with high air tightness, solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, good creep resistance and superior performance, has the quite important status at present.
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