Some cold knowledge about deep curvature edge grinding machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-21
Deep edge grinding machine grinding head stand or fall of curvature has a great influence on the quality of glass grinding, grinding head position, moving clearance and so on have been adjusted when delivery from factory is good, except in a grinding head, when using the rest of the general not to move, so as not to affect the quality of grinding. In addition, the grinding head backward position not easy too much, otherwise easy to damage the waterproof cover, cause leaks, and easy to burn out motor. 3, cooling is enough also have great influence to grinding effect. Always check the cooling line blocking phenomenon. Especially linear edge grinding machine line easy to brush jams, and after the wall is not easy to detect, cause insufficient cooling influence edge grinding quality. 4, glass edge grinding machine using automatic transmission, regulating speed must be in the issuing state, otherwise easy to damage the edge grinding machine of stepless transmission. 5, profiled machine when using the matters needing attention: 1) the special-shaped machine workbench chuck height are consistent larger effect on the grinding performance. Assembly manufacturer all the mill have been carried out on five set of suction cups, and picked out the thickness consistent chuck glue make each suction cup height consistent, therefore, generally don't to dissect sucker. If there is damage, chuck glue is to choose the thickness is consistent to the replacement. (2) special machine vacuum pump in use after a period of time, due to reasons such as inlet vacuum degree decline, The suction down) Phenomenon, therefore should pay attention to check and troubleshooting, otherwise, the machine work under suction condition, on the one hand will affect the quality of grinding, on the other hand also prone to accidents. Linear edge grinding machine, the matters needing attention when using: linear edge grinding machine ( Straight edge, round edge machine, bevel edge machine) Way of working is through pressure before and after powder compact and boost the linear motion of grinding of glass. In use must pay attention to two points: (1) before and after the guide joint to clamp and often lubrication, otherwise will work because of the pressure plate and guide rail before and after the premature wear and affect the normal service life of the machine. Although some models have automatic lubricating device, but also often should check whether the lubrication piping is clear; (2) when the clamping glass clamping force to the appropriate size, affect grinding quality is too loose, too tight will make machine load increases, prone to shake the crawling phenomenon, grinding the thin glass is easy to broken glass. Clamping force size available to a larger piece of glass clip in the machine for testing, i. e. , the glass clamp in the central machine, plate glass, the stop condition hard feeling clamping force transferred to the hands just can't carry is more appropriate. Copying machine when using the matters needing attention: (1) by touch machine modeling has been a great influence on grinding precision. On the template of working face must be done shape size accurate finish. If aliens by template, must be smooth transition. (2) replacing template and suction cups, be sure to keep the working face of chuck level, otherwise it will affect the quality of grinding.
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