Shaped glass edge grinding machine is analysed

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-24
Abnormal shaped glass edge grinding machine is mainly dealing with glass edge grinding, polishing, belongs to the segmentation of glass edge grinding machine, it is also one of heavy usage of glass machinery. With the development of glass technology and the demand of the society with high quality, glass modelling is more and more, in addition to the ordinary four straight and curved or irregular polygon. And ordinary bilateral machine or linear edge grinding machine can't meet to the edge of special-shaped glass edge grinding processing demand, this will be pushed to the market abnormity edge grinding machine. Like other edge grinding machine, abnormity edge grinding machine is composed of base, girder and grinding head and other parts, high-speed operation and save the required casting is smooth, rectangular girder strong deformation, grinding head choose hardness high mechanical accessories can give full play to the special edge grinding machine processing more efficiency. At the same time, the conveying system to thicken the square tube which can improve bearing frame processing glass weight, the choice of motor has a direct influence on the operation of machinery. So, the choose and buy good abnormity edge grinding machine after how should choose the appropriate space for installation? 1, the work preparation area should be selected according to the shape of edge grinding machine size, and considering the number of the production line is to configure the other processing machinery and overall dimensions are required. In addition to the machinery of space, it is necessary to set aside enough channel, and set aside enough 'spare space' convenient to put the article such as glass, glass. Chosen field, need to be ready abnormity edge grinding machine assembly related materials, the corresponding assembly tool, and need to install the new circuit in accordance with the rules and the drainage system. In order to avoid the installation error and cracking damage of edge grinding machine, should by the installation personnel on-site guidance and professional. Before the edge grinding machine installation, first check whether the material preparation is complete, types and quantity parts is accurate, if there are any missing or wrong parts, should be for supply or replacement. Suggest not related machinery accessories don't appear in the installation site, avoid unnecessary parts using the error. 2, installation work placement machine put shaped glass edge grinding machine front-rear end reserve shall be not less than the length of the wire frame, if processing have special requirements, such as the line is longer, should be in line size for reference, the equipment should not be less than 1 meter space behind it, and convenient maintenance technician and line processing. Machine adjust shaped glass edge grinding machine level should be based on conveyor belts, measure the belt four sides, but should remain within the mm, if considering the back waterproof can put equipment hind feet slightly higher. ( Can use the horizontal tube or level to complete the job) Anchor the hard stone or steel plate can be used in pad, first of all four corners pad good equipment, then put the middle floor mat can be real, because of its weight of large equipment, stable operation, no special requirements such as customers need not play expansion screws or encase with cement. Machine power on if the customer didn't arrange the electrical wiring, installation personnel can help customers under the master switch inlet shall be connected to the device switch, confidential between three-phase wire line and the zero line, the line cable nose nose clamp, cover, electrical tape, terminal blocks, be sure to tighten. Machine water on if the customer not arrange hydraulic takeover, installation personnel can assist clients to circulating pump to the equipment inlet pipe connected.
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