Shaped glass cutting machine also don't know how to choose you out

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-24
Nowadays industry shaped glass cutting machine on the market is already very mature, from the original semi-automatic to fully automatic, not only save the manpower cost, and improve the efficiency. So how do we choose automatic shaped glass cutting machine to avoid buying blind area? Automatic shaped glass cutting machine shaped glass cutting machine, automatic selection of note 1. According to your own need to choose size 2. Gear motor selection is very important, common brands are: wild goose in purple light, the Great Wall, bond phil, cuhk 3, vacuum pump, a good brand long letter 4, cutting system: optima Octavia lonnie5, servo v motor: yaskawa too field ( Almost) 6. Foreign brands: the super pleased KaiFenLong, portillo: domestic bengbu chaoyang 7 service: service is very important, the machine in the process of operation, more or less will have some problems, fast and efficient service can save time, don't delay production Ps for the domestic brands, can choose Mr Wade, Mr Wade technology is good, price is much cheaper abroad, stability and precision of the machine are good, and the installation is also very fast, small problems can solve in time
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