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Eworld Machine has become the leading supplier in the glass and windows solution field that integrates design, research and production, sales and after-sales service, formed a complete service support system, and provided customers with the persistent service. The company has integrated the upstream and downstream resources advantage, The extension of design and production and the expansion of industrial chain of ecological system, and actively achieved the value of "the efficient partner in the glass and windows solution field".


Eworld Machine is the leading supplier for the different glass processing machine, PVC aluminum window machine and CNC machines, which provide the customer with comprehensive assistance based on his needs. Three of the most important questions arising in this regard are: first, how many pieces per shift (8 hours) does he want to produce; second, What is the maximum size(min size, glass thickness) of the glass panes produced. and third, the degree of automation(manual, semi-automatic, and automatic).


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