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by:Eworld Machine     2020-06-12
To effectively solve the problem of scratches, first of all, we should analyze the cause of scratches, causal analysis and resolution to mainly around the glass blank quality, process operation, equipment condition three aspects. Glass quality: glass choice is very important, it is suggested that selection with stable quality float glass manufacturers. Currently on the market of float glass is quite different in terms of quality, the raw glass stone, sand, also can cause vibration between glass in transportation, and produce secondary scratch in relative motion. So, when cutting glass box, we need checking on the quality of the blank, first make sure that the raw glass has no scratches. Cutting: both manual and automatic cutting machine, are intended to ensure that the cutting of mesa clean and break off the table clean. Chip set on the surface of the glass easy to scratch the surface of the glass or directly lead to waste, in the actual production, to do every break after an edge to purge to break off the table, with the air pressure gun for purging. After snapping piece of glass carride out to the glass one by one piece of paper in isolation. Tempered process: if the glass scratch is caused by tempering process, the analysis from the following aspects, the first thing to check the roll of glass tempering furnace, confirm whether with foreign body on ceramic roller, roller for ceramics, one by one to check to see if there is abnormal in transmission, a skid phenomenon, or a roller not preach. Glass cutting machine manufacturer Eworld equipment co. , LTD. , is engaged in the automatic glass cutting equipment research and development, design, manufacture, sales and service of high-tech enterprises, are always welcome your arrival.
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