Remind you the glass edge grinding machine which should be paid attention to

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-11

Then the problem has come to realize such a 'smart' industrial equipment systems, control part of what problem should note? 1. To adaptive various length of the glass, must be implemented without manual input the length and width of the glass. 2. Grinding left and right sides, the glass is movement in the process, when the glass across two areas, must ensure that the two speed synchronization. 3. Grinding head and the detection switch to rise along the glass, to immediately get the servo current location, and move a fixed-length stop. 4. Server must be in speed, position, synchronous dynamic switch between three modes, when switching cannot occur obvious pauses and jitter. For these points, and puts forward the solution based on CANopen bus 1. Don't need to send the CANopen control scheme of PLC pulse control servo, simplifies wiring also avoided if the pulse signal interference caused by the positioning is not allowed. 2. Servo bottom with pulse position capture function without PLC participate in the capture of position signal, which makes the PLC without using high speed counting input and high-speed interruption, can make the PLC logic control, can simplify the writing of the PLC program, shorten the debugging time, improve the competitiveness of the machine. 3. System has good expansibility, later upgrade system, increase the control shaft is more convenient, only need to add new axis can be added to the bus. F1 controller with Ethernet interface, you can use the Ethernet connection with enterprise ERP system, help to increase the degree of factory information.                                

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