Rearview mirror glass cutting machine adopts algorithm

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-07
Glass processing factory use of the rearview mirror glass cutting machine, most are imported equipment, because the devices on the performance of our country needs to be improved, it is used in the algorithm, we have not developed, so relative to their equipment, will catch up with our cutting machine speed, but we are constantly improving. Automatic glass cutting machine has played a very important role in glass cutting, in today's automatic production line fully automatic equipment has replaced the traditional pure labor, the machine is slowly replace human labor. The use of it to help bring what value? 1, can save a lot of labor costs, the rear-view mirror glass cutting machine can reduce artificial about more than 50%, and no longer need to calculate the professional typesetting, reduce the labor costs of production. 2, greatly saving the cost of the raw material of glass, auto glass cutting machine of the new algorithm optimization software adopted abroad, optimize the rate is high and run fast, cut off the excess stock may continue to optimize the use of, cutting solutions have become more scientific and reasonable. 3, save a lot of time cost, fully automatic glass cutting machine speed can reach 100 m/min, is generally 3 - artificial efficiency More than four times. Automatic glass cutting machine without user to special label print layout and design of automatic intelligent control, without manual printing paste, save human and material printing labeling process fully automated processes, safe, efficient, accurate and avoid artificial labeling can lead to dangerous and errors. While retains the modular design, to realize the integration of cutting line control, rearview mirror glass cutter choice slices, the system automatically take number and kinds of specifications.
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