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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-28
In the past, our country labor benefits depend on population in the 'go out' and 'introducing' take the upper hand, especially in the field of mechanical equipment, the high price of European and American products, and our products are exported to form a good contrast, low-cost became large mechanical equipment export competitiveness in our country. However, as China's demographic dividend gradually disappear, our prices, artificial also gradually improve, this directly lead to rising costs, product price advantage, more deadly, product technology content and not reached the same level of the European and American products, this is the dilemma facing machinery exports of our country at present. Mechanical equipment is different from ordinary small objects, such as the cup without maintenance, broke can change a, the price also is not high, but mechanical equipment price is high, the need to maintain long-term follow-up, failure maintenance personnel, the company sales is not like other items 'go out, is not responsible for the goods', especially for export products, on-site inspection maintenance is not as convenient domestic, so very important to both the seller and the buyer the quality of the products, not easily appear quality problem, at the same time, if failure, also need to pay more good after-sales service attitude, in a responsible and rapid fast and the ability to conquer the customers to solve the problem. In the future, the growth of automobile industry and the construction industry overseas will continue, glass still considerable demand, this means that the glass machinery in the field of export and the huge development potential, which requires equipment enterprise conscientiously complete product manufacturing as the core to the 'product + services' as the core.
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