Quality + service is glass cutting industry standards

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-29
In the past, China relies on the welfare of the workforce 'import' and 'going out' the upper hand, especially in the field of mechanical equipment, Europe and the United States and other products of high prices, and contrasts with the export price of the product in China, low price has become China's machinery and equipment export huge competitiveness. However, as China's demographic dividend gradually disappear, and labor prices in China are also gradually increased, this led directly to the disappearance of the rising cost and product price advantage. More important, the technology content of products to reach the level of the European and American products. This is China's exports of the mechanical equipment. Glass cutting machine assembly line and other mechanical equipment is different from the ordinary small objects, such as the cup without maintenance, broken can be in one, the price also is not high, but mechanical equipment price is high, the need to subsequent long-term maintenance, no professionals need to repair, the company sales, unlike other items 'goods out of the door, shall not be responsible for', especially the export products, on-site inspection maintenance is not convenient home, so the quality of the products are very important for both buyers and sellers, it is not easy to appear quality problem, at the same time, if fail, you also need to pay more good after-sales service attitude, with the image of a responsible and the ability to conquer the customers to solve the problem quickly. Overseas in the future, the growth of automobile industry and construction industry will continue, and glass demand is still considerable, this means that the export of glass machinery still has great potential, need equipment companies consciously to complete the transition from product manufacturing as the core of 'product + services' as the core.
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