Prolonging the service life of glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-25
In the western developed countries, with the progress of materials science, roasting kiln technology and the development of the temperature control measures, the glass furnace roasting kiln over the fire temperature has risen to 1100 - 1150 ℃, the temperature range of each part of the furnace refractory base has completed the transformation, the crystal in the stationary phase, when the fire more easily and the cohesion of the temperature of the fire, not cause large fluctuations, glass cutting machine for a glass production enterprise, the furnace is the heart of the enterprise, glass furnace and reasonable structure, excellent masonry quality and success of baking furnace for extending the service life of the furnace and improve the quality of glass products production has important significance with the development of glass industry technology, longer service life, shaped glass cutting machine heat utilization and glass quality significantly improved, the quality improvements and glass cutting machine, the emergence of new varieties of refractory on glass cutting machine, especially in the last century the development of the fused refractory has close relationship with fused refractory with high density, high temperature wear resistance and good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance to molten glass, so the important part of the glass furnace is replaced for zirconium fused corundum brick in our country for many years, after the completion of the size of the glass furnace for ignition oven basic it is tradition that the old, the furnace heating up 10 - 13 days later, inside the furnace 800 - 850 ℃ temperature range through the fire, and in the temperature between far mainly considers the siliceous refractory clay refractory internal structure and crystal transformation, according to these two kinds of refractory thermal expansion coefficient and temperature range for domestic heating curves, fire glass furnace baking furnace, the temperature preheating period, basic can do it according to the temperature curve, and timely adjust the brace, makes each part of the furnace refractories expansion uniformity but in 800 - From 850-850 ℃ after the fire, 1200 ℃ range large temperature fluctuations, and difficult to control, sometimes fluctuate more than baidu in one hour, it will cause the fierce change of refractory materials, especially fused refractory in 950 - 1200 ℃ crystal transformation happens, accompanied by 6. 9% of the volume shrinkage in the temperature range, so heating operation to consider fused AZS materials, such as the temperature fluctuation is bigger, can cause fused brick cracking fused zirconium corundum brick affected by high temperature sharp fluctuations in a short period of time that can form horizontal longitudinal crack, especially flame space parts, such as: small furnace brick, entrance self-closed, breast wall hook crib and small front part, these places after the burst, generally at the beginning of the new kiln operation effect is not obvious, but into the kiln operation, in the middle of the link will appear brick turn, exposing plate, cause breast wall tilted glass domestic enterprises into the stove has several causes such causes tilt across the serious collapse, water production, great economic losses to prevent the crack of fused brick, to lay a good foundation to the safe operation of kiln at present, the service life of glass kilns in the developed countries generally in more than 10 years, the high temperature roasting kiln is one of the important factors in the domestic, the service life of glass furnace also increased significantly in recent years, already had 3 - 4 years of kiln period increased to 6 - 8 years, the current domestic new design glass production line plan kiln of age are also in more than ten years, it has to do with the quality of refractory, furnace structure, improve the building quality of reasonable operation and use are inseparable, and we can't ignore the quality of baking furnace preheating work in the process of the development of domestic glass industry, due to the unreasonable leave safe hidden trouble of baking furnace, furnace accident or water case in advance, has drawn glass production enterprise top managers and technical personnel attaches great importance to, but because of various reasons, the domestic glass production enterprises in both new kiln and kiln roasting kiln construction of cold repair choose high temperature after the fire is not much, the reason is nothing but there are two: first, for the sake of short-term economic interests of high temperature after the fire compared with the traditional 850 ℃ shaped glass cutting machine through the fire, the high energy consumption, heating time is longer, such as: capacity of 500 t/d furnace melting 1150 ℃ compared with 850 ℃ over the fire, the fire should use diesel 80 - 100 tons, up to 1150 ℃ 850 ℃ fire required for heavy oil is about 100 - 120 tons, the price difference calculation, 1150 ℃ fire fuel consumption spending 100000 yuan more than 850 ℃ fire, increase 3 - Five days of baking furnace heating period, however, relative to cost of $100000 due to the unreasonable low temperature far left in the kiln hidden danger caused by the millions or even tens of millions of overhaul spending; 3 - 5 days compared with high temperature far extended by 1 - Kiln 2 years of age, our enterprise managers how to choose? Secondly, domestic can reach 1100 ℃ above a fire roast furnace professional team is hard to find in the high temperature after the fire need is not only excellent professional and technical, need more advanced and perfect equipment support at present most of the domestic professional baking furnace equipment level compared with developed countries there is a certain gap, one is the heating temperature control ability is limited, it is a material equipment co. , such as high temperature resistance of domestic burner flame tube, general will turn around during more than 900 ℃, the temperature is couldn't get on for so long time, the domestic joint ventures or wholly owned companies glass has been hiring foreign high oven for baking kiln kiln company in recent years, domestic specialized kiln company have realized the high temperature roasting kiln is glass industry in the future the trend of The Times, efforts to develop in the direction of the dash in 2002,
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