Pay attention to several safety operation with glass edge grinding machine?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-28
In the production of glass products, often use the precision of the instrument have glass edge grinding machine, this equipment for the production of glass products, glass edge grinding machine has been widely applied in the current market, it is suitable for automobile glass, construction glass, furniture glass, appliance glass, electronic glass, lighting glass and glass processing industry. So in the use of glass edge grinding machine operation should pay attention to what safe? To introduce the glass edge grinding machine under safety operation must pay attention to several points: 1. Glass edge grinding machine itself should set button switch control, brake distance from the equipment is not more than 3 m, so that in the event of a failure quickly cut off power supply. 2. Grinding wheels must be in conformity with the specifications of qualified products, the quality of the glass edge grinding machine grinding wheel directly affects the quality of the glass, the import of grinding wheel for excellent, there are also some domestic grinding wheel is of good quality. Selecting a manufacturer careful contrast. 3. Safety protection device to complete and effective. The thickness of the glass must be mechanical machining range of design, size not too small or too large, glass shelves must be flat and level. Transmission parts must be set shield. 4. Best during the processing glass glass and glass respectively before and after each one. This can guarantee the speed and safety operation. 5. Glass edge grinding machine operation on the glass is longer, the two people cooperate with operation. Operation, laid hands on him when he has to stay outside the glass more than 20 cm shelf can according to the material: material after don't yank, should cooperate with feed. Need to back to the material, glass to complete after leaving the wheel back again, operation is not too early, to prevent damaged glass grinding wheel. 6. The need for glass edge grinding machine grinding wheels and check the maintenance, must be a switch power, after being completely stop running, and then to work. Calling for everybody today were the entire contents of the glass edge grinding machine operation safety, to promote the efficiency of production is pursuit of every enterprise, in this small make up remind efficiency is important, production safety, must be in the first place, hope that today's content can bring help for safety production, thanks for watching.
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