One of the methods of glass cutting machine used to make glass window

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-20
Glass cutting machine used in the manufacture of glass window is one of the methods of thick muddy soil and horse dung first touch embryo outside the metal rods of the pericardium to take hot glass paste become the subject of container figure out around the glass paint markings, such as xu cold after dug embryo heart is realized. 1. Blowing originated in the first year of the Roman empire, is now the glass skills more important manufacturing method. Blown over to the window, glass cutting machine blowing form vesicles, reusing object to thermoplastic appearance, again with other a blowpipe dab a small amount of glass for the bottom of the bridge meet, knock down work xu cold. 2. Wax off the forging method with fireproof gypsum cover the wax mold, the empty glass material and at the same time put into the inner heat, glass gradually into a mould forming at low temperatures, in removing wax melting pot in the xu cold again after removal of gypsum mold, eventually stop grinding plane light processing. 3. Furnace heating method of running is made between 750 ~ 850 degrees heat method. 4. Powder forging method will fill glass block and the glass powder with later ~ a good model, into the furnace heating melting into a whole glass works. 5. Thermoplastic fuses will first chopped glass or difference pattern glass combination on the ceramic plate into the furnace heating up as a glass) usually accompanied by other techniques to change. Light torch thermoplastic with small gun or heating lamp torch, also known as the lamp torch thermoplastic, using all kinds of boron glass color or sodium glass color bar, to stretch, distort, wound and other skills, continuous group decomposition appearance, proper Miao small elegant said, such as glass beads and plants, etc. And because of the use of glass rod differences is divided into: solid, hollow, and drawing thermoplastic, so other also can match the interest of coloured drawing or pattern growth works.
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