Shandong Eworld Machine Co.,Ltd is one of the famous and big manufacturers of glass equipments,windows equipments, CNC equipments. Since in 2002, and after many years of development and growth,the company is now playing a leading role in glass machinery

and windows door machine in China.Our company is Gold glass machine supplier in alibaba,hich is authorized by the third party SGS.Our trademark is Eworld.

Automatic glass cutting machine is a perfect machine for straight and shapes cutting of float glass. The machine is also equipped with a metallic brush system, which removes soft coatings from glass sheets easily with maximum quality. Standard shapes,

imported shapes or scanned shapes can be cut with ease.The customer put forward special product requirement to us.Company design department confirm and make diagram.We can provide one stop oem service.Please contact us.

Step 01

  1. The customer put forward special product requirement (max working size,thickness,
  2. function requirement,color,working method a
  3. utomatic or semi-automatic or manual)

Step 02

  1. Company design department confirm and make diagram

Step 03

  1. Customer give deposit

Step 04

  1. Company make it

Step 05

  1. Customer inspection or the thirty party inspection

Step 06

  1. Pay the balance

Step 07

  1. Ship out the goods


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