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by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-27
If you want to shaped glass cutting machine's service life is long, it is necessary to maintain daily. So we should be how to maintain special-shaped cutter? Mr Wade shaped glass cutting machine for many years engaged in production, today to introduce the special-shaped cutter maintenance way, hope to be of help. 1, shaped glass cutting machine actively into the tank, open the water tank, take out the water pump, rooting out the dirt on the pump. Will wash clean water tank, replacement good circulating water, to recover the pump back into the water tank, will join pipe inserted into the inlet of the pump, tidy up the joint. 2 - the pump power alone, and running 3 minutes. 2, the fan shaped glass cutting machine cleaning fan long-term use, can make the fan inside piled up a lot of solid dust, let the fan attacks a great noise, in addition to flavor and is unfavorable to the exhaust. When there is a lack of smoke exhaust fan suction not free, the first closed power supply, will be discharged into the duct and the duct on the fan, remove the inside of the dust, and then pour the fan shaft, and move in the wind leaf, pull until clean clean, then put the fan installed. 3, shaped glass cutting machine lens clean lens center to marginal rotary laser glass cutting machine is wiped. 3 lenses and gather the mirror from the frame, use the same method to wipe, wipe after the completion of the same back then. Above, is Mr Wade summary for you about special-shaped cutter maintenance mode in detail, we all understand? Pay more attention to related abnormity cutting machine professional knowledge to welcome Mr Wade!
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