- new gush arenaceous glass machine profile Vertical automatic glass sandblasting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-06
Gush arenaceous glass is gas drive the emery, high-pressure jet on the glass surface, in order to burnish a hazy effect of frosting glass in order to achieve. After do frosting glass from processing technology on the market is divided into chemical machining method and physical method, acid corrosion ground glass and gush arenaceous glass. Two kinds of process is completely different, ground glass than gush arenaceous glass from the price is high, effect is mainly for the needs of users. Some unique do frosted glass doesn't suit. From the Angle of the pursuit of noble, should choose frosted. From the point of view of economy applicable, should choose sand blasting, sand blasting process can complete the general factory, grind arenaceous work art to really do well is not easy. Do gush arenaceous glass craft, currently on the market by vertical automatic glass sandblasting machine and horizontal two play sand machine, automatic glass sandblasting machine to do deep carved, play sand machine efficiency is higher, the customer need to choose according to demand.
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