Nanjing glass cutting machine which is good

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-09
Nanjing glass cutting machine which good? Several cutting principle of cutting machine using laser cutting, there are many different ways, different types are used for cutting different materials. Some method is vaporized, melting and blow molding, spray and combustion, heat stress cracking, crossed, cold cutting and combustion stability of laser cutting. Nanjing glass cutting machine which good? Vaporization cutting in vaporization cutting, focused beam material surface heated to boiling point and generate keyhole. Lock hole lead to absorption rate increased suddenly, rapidly deepen hole. When boiling hole deepened and material, the erosion of the steam produced melt wall, will blow out jets and further expand the hole. Usually by the method of cutting the molten material, such as wood, carbon and thermosetting plastic. Nanjing glass cutting machine which good? Melting molten and melt-blown or melt cutting using high pressure gas blow out from the cutting area molten material, greatly reduces the power demand. Material is heated to the melting point first, and then the gas jet to blow an incision melting materials, avoid the need to further increase the temperature of the material. Nanjing glass cutting machine which good? Using this method of cutting material is usually a metal. Thermal stress cracking brittle material particularly sensitive to the thermal fracture, this is a feature of thermal stress cracking. Beam focusing on the surface, cause local heating and thermal expansion. This leads to cracks, and then can be guided by moving beam cracks. Cracks can be mobile in m/s order. Nanjing glass cutting machine which good? It is usually used to cut glass. Silicon stealth cutting in the manufacture of silicon semiconductor device preparation of microelectronic chip and the separation of silicon wafer can be achieved by the so-called invisible cutting process, this process using pulsed Nd: YAG laser, nanjing glass cutting machine which good? The wavelength ( 1064海里) Is well used in the electronic band gap of silicon, 1. 11 electron volts or 1117 nm) 。 Reaction cut is also called 'the combustion stability of laser cutting', 'flame cutting. Cutting is like oxygen cutting torch cutting reaction, but laser beam as an ignition source. It is mainly used for cutting carbon steel thickness more than 1 mm. Nanjing glass cutting machine which good? The process can be used for relatively small laser power cut very thick steel plate.
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