Nanjing car mirror automatic production line profile of the company

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-08
Mr Wade for sichuan days depending on the open sheet, hot bending chamfering, hot bending before cleaning the car mirror automation production line has been officially put into use in March 2018, the working procedure process by an operator. A, the process is mainly composed of seven sets of equipment, including a large glass machine ( Contain the YTQG2120 type automatic edge glass machine, single column suction turnover, floating bye) Two type 'YTMK450' hot bending before chamfering machine, an automatic feeding machine, a automatic cutting machine, a YTQX300 type cleaning machine. Open piece of glass after a chamfer, cleaning up and down again after drying, hot bending, its advantage is that can wipe out large glass on the edge of the debris after cutting, remove oil stains on the surface of the glass, significantly reduce the pitting of glass and pinhole defects, such as effective protection brick mold, prolong the service life of die brick. Cleaner exports have positioning device, hot bending furnace manipulator can grab directly. № parameter name technology parameters № name parameter 1 glass size is not more than 3600 * 2500 * 2100 mm7 covers size flat glass was cut thickness 1-2800 6 mm8 cutting height is ≦ 900 mm3 linear parallelism 50 + 0 or less. 20 mm/m9 to break off the table with size 2000 x 2000 x 900 mm4 diagonal accuracy + 0 or less. 25 mm/m10 snapping piece of mechanical and electrical source three phase four wire 0-380 v / 3 kw5 cutting speed 180 m/min11 cutting machine power three phase four wire 380 v / 5 kw6 cutting line shape or alien input air 0. 6-0. 8 mpa the car mirror automatic production line has greatly increased the customer car mirror processing production efficiency, new research and development for the company.
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