Mobile phone glass cutting machine glass tube CO2 laser cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-19
The software automatic typesetting function. After good cutting pattern design, automatic typesetting software, material pattern fit closely, reduce waste. The advanced variable speed system, the realization of mobile phone glass cutting machine in cutting process according to the needs of the song, linear instantaneous speed, the function of self adjusting speed, Angle curve cutting edge smooth, natural. Linear motion guide rail, to ensure that the laser in the smooth operation, high speed, no shaking. Machine is introduced; the mobile phone glass cutting machine used for cutting cutting, carving, hollow out of carve patterns or designs on woodwork dot or punch: organic glass, acrylic products, window lens, transparent box, advertising products, packing box, reveal frame, crystal characters, etc. On the market a lot of acrylic sign, organic glass trophies are made using the laser cutting machine. CO2 laser cutting machine, tube workbench is stable and reliable, to ensure the high precision for the laser cutting, plate of the optimization of processing, processing range, suitable for all kinds of laser processing technology needs. The workpiece without mechanical pressure, laser processing product advantage so cut out the effect of the products, precision and cutting speed is very good, smooth operation, fine smooth cut, and it also has a safe operation, easy maintenance, etc, can work 24 hours continuously. Cutting out clean non-woven cloth edge is not yellow, automatic edge not loose edge, not deformation, not hard, consistent and accurate size; No burrs, standard size, small error, the effect is soft, no high frequency or the blunt knife die cutting pressure. Can cut any complex shape; High efficiency, low cost, computer graphic design, can cut any shape of various sizes lace. Carve patterns or designs on woodwork applications shaping processing cutting, shoe material; Clothing affixed cloth embroidered, woven label, trademark cutting, garment accessories, ornamental engraving, punching and trimming; Leather punch, lofting and cutting; Organic glass, plastic, fiber board, PVC, paper, MuZhu cutting etc. MuZhu, ceramic, granite, graven images carving industry. Technical parameters of model of CO2 - 80 - GT laser power 80 w ( Can be customized) Laser wavelength of 10640 nm double continuous operation 24 h drive for repositioning precision linear displacement platform + 0. 01 mm cutting width 130 cm * 90 cm or 90 cm * 60 cm ( Two optional) Minimum line width & lt; 0. 1 mm power demand AC220V / 50 hz cooling water temperature 0 - best environment requirements 40 ℃, humidity is 20% 80% weight 500 kg of glass cutting machine dimension (mobile mm) About 150 cm * 186 cm * 110 cm, L*W*H)
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