Metal fitting is a key of glass technology, glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-10-27
Metal fitting is a key of glass technology, glass cutting machine it contains supporting parts and fasteners, also called claw parts and fasteners. Fasteners connected to the glass, or sink into the glass, or outside of the glass. Bearing parts and fasteners, like claws will hold, glass fasteners and closely linked to the structure of the system load bearing glass is passed to the structure. It is in the form of type I claw pieces, H claw pieces, X claw and disc sliding fixed parts, etc. 3: supporting system, supporting system is to put the glass on the all kinds of load transfer directly to the buildings on the main structure, generally can be according to the size of the shape of the building and the load to select a suitable structure form. Glass cutting machine should be the main supporting system for point glass are all glass supporting structure, supporting structure, truss supporting structure, supporting structure and cable network cable truss supporting system, etc. Each structure has different forms of change, can adapt to different circumstances curtain wall, roof and other different types of buildings and the local design requirements. 4: sealing materials: glass cutting machine technology between glass and glass used in weather resistance silicone, while glass and metal structure of silicone adhesive. Glue main seal effect, so don't have to strength calculation. But must before use with glue and contact materials for compatibility test, performance testing must be qualified, and made shaped glass cutting machine used in the period of validity, strictly abide by the operation procedures, to ensure the construction quality.
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