Manufacturers to introduce you to the classification and advantages of glass edge grinding machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-08
Special-shaped glass edge grinding machine, single arm edge grinding machine ( Special-shaped machine or single arm machine) The biggest characteristic of special-shaped machine is widely used, the price is cheap. Can grind straight edge, can also be rounded edge, the duck mouth, can also be bevel edge; Can be circular grinding workpiece, also can grind elliptic and the special-shaped workpiece. Put modeling on independent chuck, with special machine can grind some irregular shape of the workpiece. Special-shaped machine structure is simple, the manufacturing cost is relatively low, so the price is cheaper, general MTK twenty thousand yuan can be bought. 2, the characteristics of linear edge grinding machine linear edge grinding machine has 3: one is a single purpose, only grinding all kinds of straight edge; The second is the continuous grinding, high production efficiency; Three is a bigger flat glass can be grinding size. Linear edge grinding machine is of all kinds of edge grinding machine of the varieties, specifications most edge grinding machine, can according to the grinding straight edge is different, it can be divided into the following three: ( 1) Linear edge grinding machine ( Or straight edge machine, Straight edge machine can grinding glass flat edges and two edges, rubbing her Numbers, there are three, five, eight, nine, ten, thirteen, fourteen top several kinds of models. In general, the more grinding quotas, the grinding accuracy and production efficiency is higher, the higher the price of the machine is accordingly. The computer control of the straight edge machine ( General grinding Numbers ten or ten or more) The price is higher. Appeared in recent years, the domestic market as well as a way to grind flat sides, and bottom grinding 45 degrees and straight edge machine, the dosage is more also. Also can grind a set or two set into each point of bottom edge grinding machine, called multilevel edge grinding machine. This machine grinding head more, generally for the computer control, equipment prices are relatively high. ( 2) Straight line round ( Round edge machine) Round edge machine can grinding glass round edge, the duck mouth, etc. , the applied in furniture, glass processing. Round edge machine has three, five, six, seven, eight, nine top several kinds of models. ( 3) Straight bevel edge machine, Hereinafter referred to as beveling machine grinding glass beveling machine is commonly used in 3 ~ 20 o hypotenuse. Now, some beveling machine also can be the hypotenuse grinding 45 o. Beveling machine according to the grinding capita points, there are seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, fourteen top models. 3, the circular edge grinding machine ( In the circular machine) Inside circular machine is characterized by simple structure, low price, but it is a single, mainly is suitable for processing circle around ( Can be a perfect circle, but also the elliptical or shaped round) 。 Now the domestic some factory production in circular machine, swing arm is longer, the motion of the grinding head increased range. This model not only can ground within the circle, also can and external circular grinding, also known as the internal and external circular grinding machine. Double edging machine (5, linear Bilateral mill) The characteristics of the grinding machine is at the same time, the two opposite sides of grinding glass, good machining precision, high production efficiency, suitable for mass production of glass edge grinding. Grinding machine according to the using performance of two straight edge grinding machine and double circular edge edge grinding machine two kinds, including double straight edge grinding machine with more bilateral mill according to the different grinding of the width of the glass can be divided into two kinds of small and medium and large. Grinding width under two meters is called the medium and small grinding machine, grinding head configuration has four, six, eight and twelve mill first class. Biggest grinding width in two meters and more than two meters are called large grinding machine, grinding head configuration have the top 16, 20, 22. Large grinding machine generally for the computer control, a high degree of automation, suitable for flat glass grinding large size, but the price of this equipment is relatively expensive.
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