Linear unilateral glass edge grinding machine polishing instability?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-01
People have qualitative feeling in constant pursuit of life, so people is higher and higher requirement for the level of decoration, also get rapid development of the whole glass processing machinery, glass edge grinding machine whether foreign or domestic stone edge grinding machine, must know the development status quo of international glass machinery, in order to enhance competition ability of our country's stone processing industry. Linear unilateral glass edge grinding machine polishing instability? First take a look at several head with or without glass edge grinding machine mechanical polishing, generally more than eight heads are belt polishing, if belt polishing and appear such circumstance, may be have no wheel, or polishing, and the pipe wall, speed too fast. When the motor does not turn, overload indicator, should open the electric control box, check the motor overload protection device. If thermal relay protection tripping off, about 10 - Automatic reset 20 minutes. If work, one or more electrical outage occurred frequently, should check whether the input power supply voltage is too low, the recovery voltage to start; Thermal relay setting value is too small should be appropriately increase current setting value, the operation should by electrical professional operation. Work, overload indicator, should immediately press & quot; Stop & quot; Switch, reduced the amount of grinding, if overload indicator light is bright, should stop for a detailed inspection. Now in the industry has been in some reliable glass edge grinding machine performance test method, such as low speed start edge grinding machine and adjust it in 5 seconds after operation speed speed changed from low to high times in the past, wait for 30 minutes later to see if it results comply with the relevant industry, usually depends on whether equipment noise arithmetic mean is in accord with the requirement of equipment performance.
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