Laser cutting machine cutting head and maintenance matters needing attention in winter

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-21
Winter solstice, the winter came, how to maintain the laser cutting machine cutting head, in winter the years of professional production and sales of hubei glass cutting machine from small make up to tell you. Recently in many parts of the temperature has dropped gradually, even has the snow started to fall, then to laser cutting machine for cutting the head of the maintenance time. A complete set of laser cutting system requires a suitable environment temperature to work properly. Work, if the metal laser cutting machine freezes water cooling machine line, will lead to laser cutting head in the water temperature was low, the internal and external temperature difference caused by laser cutting head is too large, produce condensation phenomenon. Cutting head caused by temperature difference is too large internal condensation phenomenon of laser cutting the lens is fatal injuries, to eliminate the hazards, please start to laser cutting head preheating. Laser cutting machine for cutting, if not for protective measures, will be very easy to make optical components in laser cutting head contact suspension. When the laser on the material for cutting, welding, heat treatment, surface and splash will release a great deal of gases, these gases will cause serious damage to the lens and splash. When pollutants fell on the surface of the lens, will absorb energy from the laser beam, on the one hand, reduce the laser cutting head output power, the laser cutting head cutting capacity fell sharply; On the other hand to generate heat, a long time will cause the lens itself and optical film layer on the surface of the damage. As optical lenses in the laser system, should also be a loss, but as long as we are in daily work, correct use and maintenance, can prolong the service life of laser cutting machine cutting head, maximum reduce the frequency to replace the lens to reduce the cost. In the process of daily use, the position of the optical lens, testing, installation, attention should be paid to make the lens from damage and pollution. At the same time a new lens after install, should be regular cleaning, this process is quite simple. Correct operation, will extend the service life of the lens, and reduce costs. On the contrary, will reduce the service life. Winter laser cutting machine cutting head maintenance notice if the lens has been contaminated but hasn't damaged, the operator can be removed and cleaned. And, of course, should adopt some methods to avoid damage to the lens and further pollution. Until the lens completely damaged found a lot of people, in fact we should regularly check the lens pollution situation, discover the timely processing, check the lens method generally have: 1, strong light is generally selected ZhaoSheFa torch light observation lens, sloping rotating lens or flashlight, through rotating light observation are stained and marks on the lens. 2 if attachments have interference source, interference fringe method, can be in the form of flashes of light and shade of interference fringes, to observe whether the lenses are pollution. By checking the results of preliminary judge the contaminated degree of the lens laser cutting machine, and then adopt corresponding method to deal with. Above is the small make up Mr Wade Shared with all relevant information about hubei glass cutting machine, hoped everybody in this article to learn, if there are cutters need to contact us: 13197170027.
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