Introduction to the automatic glass cutting machine cutting speed

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-17
Discharge fast high precision automatic glass cutting machine, and the manual slow and low accuracy. Semi-automatic is much slower than automatic. Today with small make up together to learn about the automatic glass cutting machine cutting speed is really about: cutting speed is the main performance of the automatic glass cutting machine. Only when the mechanical parts and control parts of the overall performance and compatibility are good, cutting machine to reach the corresponding cutting speed, so no matter how much is the manufacturer of the practical need of speed? Judgment is the speed of the cutting machine purchase cutting machine performance is very good in the process of a reference standard. Automatic glass cutting machine in glass cutting speed is very fast, but it's hard to say how much an hour can scrape, because of the size of the glass, how many way cut marks, etc. These parameters will influence the data. A piece of glass 3880 * 2550, for example, if you need to cut into 6 pieces, time is about 60 seconds. If your door window glass size is relatively fixed, with fully automatic machine and semi-automatic cutting machine on cooperation, speed is very fast.
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