Introduction to the automatic abnormity edge grinding machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-26
Automatic abnormity edge grinding machine (also known as the machining center 计算机数控机床) Hereinafter referred to as CNC, is composed of mechanical equipment and numerical control system using the efficient automation machine tool in processing complicated shape workpiece. In 2009, the degree of machinery company to introduce the concept of machining center as a glass deep processing industry, research and development in some auto abnormity edge grinding machine, used in the manufacturing process of cylinder positioning, fixed glass, glass edge grinding, chamfering and polishing one-time completed these process, this machine in processing all kinds of special-shaped glass shows obvious advantages, the more complex the glass shape, processing, the more obvious advantage. So what's the advantage of machining center? First of all, automatic abnormity edge grinding machine process focus is the advantage of machining center is larger, This is the characteristics of the machining center is more prominent. Second, automatic abnormity edge grinding machining center as well as other numerical control machine tool has the characteristics of high processing precision, the glass into the processing center, digital control system can control the machine tool according to the import of drawings for processing, for edge and Angle automatically changes the spindle speed, feed, achieve rapid processing of straight edge, careful processing Angle. Due to the machining process and machining center focus, to avoid the long process flow, reduce the artificial thousand, so the machining accuracy is higher, the processing quality is more stable. Again, automatic abnormity edge grinding machine for processing object's strong adaptability; Production of flexible machining center not only embodies in quick response to the special shape of glass, square, round glass also can quickly realize the mass production, automatic abnormity edge grinding machine improve product market competition ability, expand market share, occupy the market opportunities! As is known to all, on the surface of the glass products of scratch has certain requirements, and how did these scratches on the surface of the cause? Shedding of grinding wheel on the silicon carbide, used in the manufacturing process of the water containing impurities, workers error, etc. These will cause scratches on the surface of the glass, slight scratch fair by polishing repair, after repair is still invisible to the naked eye on glass concave, it has a great influence on glass pervious to light performance, these scratches fair repair, but a lot of scratches can't repair, so can only be invalid under the condition of glass, not only wastes a large amount of manpower and other visible damage, to the enterprise product credibility as the intangible impact is immeasurable. The lower the more complex the process yield! The more you needed to process the staff! Process the enterprise the higher the degree of dependence on artificial! The more conducive to the long-term development of the enterprise. Glass deep processing industry remains the same one principle is to increase yield, reduce unnecessary waste during the production, assembly line operation and machining center is just meet your this requirement. Automatic abnormity edge grinding machining center will become a glass deep-processing industry trend!
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