Introduction to shaped glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-17
Hubei shaped glass cutting machine is a kind of numerical control machine tool, also known as: glass engraving machine, punching machine, glass edge grinding machine, shaped glass cutting machine, grooving machine, precision glass forming machine. This concept put forward by shenzhen ocean numerical control and implementation, glass carved machine is mainly used in various types of ultra-thin glass fine processing, special-shaped cutting, technology has been very mature. Due to the development of the future electronic consumer market and the demand, more and more digital electronic display USES glass display or touch screen, glass carved machine market is also more and more big. Conceptually: glass carved machine features are: machines, high machining precision and stability, fine product, the characteristics of the processing speed, high production efficiency. ( Because glass processing features, compared with ordinary carved machine, glass carved machine required a number of technical improvements, to meet the requirements of production now. ) The properties of the glass: good pervious to light, wear-resisting, after surface toughened and excellent handle. But the downside is fragile, easy to damage, in order to realize the glass forming is a big difficulty.
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