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by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-28
Glass cutting application of the method of traditional cutting is cut by hand, this way is extremely inefficient, and can only cut a straight line, cutting good glass also bad handling. Compared with manual cutting, automatic cutting machine can meet the demand of the development of the market, more appropriate intelligent route of the sustainable development of the made in China. The so-called automatic, reflects the device can set intelligent identification technology parameter and cutting route, according to the data with 'technical' brain coordination processing. Brain and cutting machine 'technology' refers to the intelligent control system, can realize linkage closed-loop high accuracy, high speed cutting machine with a computer, with automatic laser positioning, graphics scan and a series of new features. Precision machining based on parts and equipment of high quality material, anti-wear compressive resistance to 'hurt', can will be similar to the grinding wheel such consumption machinery parts attrition rate is reduced, and can improve machining precision and reflect the durable equipment, makes the depth of deep processing of glass cutting technology is advancing. Glass machinery factory production of fully automatic glass cutting machine now can do multi-usage, can adapt to construction glass, decoration glass, craft glass, hollow glass, cabinet door, steel door glass, crystal glass spell mirror such as all kinds of a variety of glass glass cutting, and can realize linear cutting, circular cutting and cutting. At the same time, the cut piece of Taiwan and the next work attachment function configuration, up and down automatically and automatic cutting, a series of operations. Equipment general configuration automatic oil supply system, the X axis and Y axis servo motor servo motor system, automatic alignment with the probe system, automatic rotary cutting tool bit system, air floating system ( Air floating fan) , walking system ( Walk round) 。 Gas floating system configuration, more than one hundred hole evenly arranged on the cutting table to ensure the stability of the air flow, makes the push and pull the glass become a very simple thing. Automatic cutting machine has been become a fool type cutting machine, cutting line, can get the preset cutting shape of cutting operation, the equipment base design the universal wheel can move to replace cutting site equipment for glass of human improvement. And multi-usage conforms to the development of modern processing relevant public opinion and saves the cost of similar equipment. Machine imported typesetting software and adopted by the servo motor and gear rack and makes the equipment run more smoothly, typesetting mode effective area utilization rate, better improve glass 1 - higher than normal version 6%. It is interesting to note that perfect cutting system can achieve automatic typesetting and optimize the layout at the same time, also can do different kinds of color glass cutting graphics to spell mirror glass automatic drawing. At the same time, in order to eliminate the glass pieces put the position deviation caused by the cutting precision and not waste the raw material of 'error', fully automatic cutting function automatically find out the current precision automatic cutting glass position and Angle, so even if the random Angle at random were glass position has no effect on cutting.
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