Information about laser cutting cutting glass is introduced

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-15
At present many industry in the use of laser technology, such as the packaging industry laser marking machine and laser printer; Laser cutting machine of metal, automobile and other industries. Laser cutting machine consume less, not wasteful, and efficiency is several dozen times the traditional cutting machine. So it's popular is not without reason. Light cutting machine is able to effectively cutting work, using computer intelligent control, cutting accuracy is higher, can produce glass cutting machine product more fine Mr Wade to grace. Laser with high speed, high directivity, four big features high monochromaticity, and high coherence. Laser cutting machine is cutting machine can't replace, traditional processing method with a broad range of vitality, its technology has won the broad masses of users. Laser cutting organic glass has high speed and precision, accurate positioning, etc. Obvious advantages. Glass cutting machine and can be in the lens case, model toys, craft gifts, panel advertising light box signs display products, packing box, such as glass cutting machine industry have irreplaceable application.
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