In the use of glass cutting machine from time to tome what need to pay attention to local news _ _

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-05
In the use of glass cutting machine from time to tome what need to be aware of? Mr Wade is an expert in the industry, the following details for you. Glass cutting machine is specially used for cutting glass equipment, that know what need to pay attention to in the process of operation? Today, we will make a brief introduction for you. Note: 1, glass surface can't be scratched or white dot phenomenon; 2, in cutting glass is in great quantities, it is necessary to detect the performance of the cutting machine, testing method is to examine the effect of the cutting machine cut the first piece of glass. 3, move the glass before to see if there are any cracks, glass itself if there is crack we can move more carefully, or directly, avoid burst in the process of moving. Sorting operation method and use of the above considerations, we hope you when using glass cutting machine must be in strict accordance with the safety procedures, and pay attention to the note mentioned, guarantee his safety.
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