How to use the plasma cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-07
No contact with cutting machine may not know the use of the cutting machine, Mr Wade machinery below small make up to you to introduce how to use the plasma cutting machine? 1 in order to reduce energy consumption and improve the life of the nozzle and the electrode, when cutting thin workpiece, should adopt 'low' cutting. 2 when in the selection of 'slice' switch on 'upscale' should be adopted non-contact cutting type cutting ( Except special case) And preferred water cutting torch. 3 when the must in the selection of 'slice' switch when switch gear, be sure to shut off the host power switch first, in case of damage to the cutting machine parts. 4 when installation or mobile host, power supply must be shut off first cutting machine can, in case of danger. 5 should be shut off cutting machine host after the power switch, can host installation accessories, components, Such as cutting torch, ground, electrode pressure, nozzle, distributor, caps, cases, etc. ) 。 Avoid open cutting torch switch quickly and repeatedly so as not to damage the arc systems or related components. 6 when the need to start from among artifacts arc cutting, cutting stainless steel 20 mm thick or less, can be directly perforation cutting. Method is: cut the torch in the seam on the starting point, and makes the cutting torch nozzle axis and the workpiece surface is about 75 ° Angle, then open the cutting torch switch, arc perforation; At the same time, slowly adjust the axis of the nozzle and the workpiece surface Angle, to stop when cutting wear artifacts should be adjusted to 90 °. After cut through artifacts, along the direction of normal cutting kerf width. But if exceeds the thickness must be perforated cutting, will have to drill a hole on cutting starting point ( Any diameter) , arc cutting from the holes. Otherwise, easy to damage the cutting torch nozzle. 7 host continues to work rate was 70% ( In the selection of 'slice' switch in a low, continuous work can be close to 100%) 。 If the continuous working time is too long and cause the host at high temperature, the temperature protection system will automatically shut down, must be cooled 20 minutes or so to continue to work. 8 when the compressed air pressure is less than 0. 22 mpa equipment should be protected immediately when turned off, at this time should be maintenance supply system, troubleshooting, pressure recovery 0. 45 mpa can continue to work. 9 if the three-phase input power lacks, the host is not working, part of the aircraft 'lacks indicating the' red light. Must be made after troubleshooting, to cut properly. 10 water-cooled type water tank must be filled with water, and good water pump power plug. 11 screw power switch to 'on' position, such as insufficient pressure indicator, should according to the requirements set to 0. 45MPa。 'Air pressure insufficient' lights out. Fan to should press logo direction. Water-cooled machine pumps to should comply with the requirements, otherwise the insufficient water pressure indicator, and input power phase should be adjusted. 12, according to the thickness of work piece in the selection of 'slice' switch to the corresponding position, select the appropriate cutting torch, torch by using range since childhood to a variety of specifications. Prohibit more than rated current range, otherwise will damage. Will be cutting torch on the workpiece cutting starting point press cutting torch switch, if not ignite, again press cutting torch switch, arc is successful, start cutting. 13 every four to eight h ( Time interval on compressed air dry degree) , should press 'air filtration pressure reducer' net screws loosen water discharge water, to prevent too much water into the machine, or cutting torch inside and cause failure. 14 when bad circulation water cooling system, the host will stop under protection status, at this point, shall be settled according to the method described in this paper, the chapter check, when the water pressure returned to normal, the tank back to shuikou reflux is smooth, can continue to use water-cooled cutting torch. 15 cold work must pay attention to: when the environment temperature is below freezing, shall not adopt water cut, otherwise, the circulating water cooling system will not work properly, water-cooled cutting torch may be damaged. This is Mr Wade machinery small make up for the share of the plasma cutting machine to use, hope to be of help, want to know more about the use of the cutting machine, welcome to detailed consultation.
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