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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-06
How to set up the running speed of glass cutting machine? Effect of the cutting speed and what is the effect? Below, we aimed at glass machinery equipment cutting speed for everyone to do a simple introduction, let everybody to understand more deeply it. First of all, increasing humidity glass cutting machine cutting speed, at the same time can improve the quality of incision, makes a slightly narrow incision, but surface will also more level off, at the same time also can reduce the deformation degree. Secondly, the cutting speed is too fast, cutting line energy is lower than the required value, then cut the slot jet will cut fast enough to melt blown off, will make after pulling the quantity increases, accompanied by hang slag notch, makes the decline in the quality of incision. Then, when the cutting speed is too low, also can make the notch width; On both sides of the molten material gathered at the bottom, incision and solidified, hang slag formation, and is not easy to clean. How to set up the running speed of glass cutting machine, I believe you know it's close, then introduces the effect of the cutting speed can have what effect! Before cutting, the speed can be set by the operator to adjust, in order to achieve excellent cutting quality and effect, the operator needs to grasp the appropriate cutting speed. Different speed range, there is a suitable cutting speed range, the range can be selected in accordance with the instructions to adjust, or use the test to determine. Due to the processing of glass material, thickness is different, the size of the thermal conductivity, melting point of high and low, and many factors such as the surface tension of the melt after there is a certain difference, so the cutting speed will also have change. Where is the use of continuous glass cutting machine used in the machinery industry, which has been widely used, have a friend need to buy glass machinery and equipment, can contact our company Eworld glass machinery equipment we are looking forward to cooperating with you!
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