How to reduce the fault occurred in the process of glass cutting machine use

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-04
Glass cutting machine is in use after a certain period of time can produce certain failure due to loss of accessories, this to our production bring some troubles, so we can how to operate in normal reduce the risk of glass cutting machine malfunction: 1, the preventive maintenance for equipment failure should be handled in a timely manner, all kinds of maintenance and repair must be carried out in accordance with the requirements of equipment. Regular and irregular inspection, timely understanding of the equipment running status, for temporary a little fault, to be disposed, don't because of small fault, the time delay does not affect the use and maintenance, have greater fault, even safety accidents. 2, the normal working load should pay attention to in no more than equipment can withstand the work under heavy load, to use equipment in the case of power. Try to flat machine load evenly add and subtract, relatively flat load change, is to prevent the ups and downs of speed reducer, lift system action. 3, each part of the glass machinery lubrication lubrication is one of the effective measures to reduce the mechanical fault. Therefore, to select appropriate lubricant, according to the different application conditions choose corresponding lubricating oil or grease, and master appropriate quality oil quantity, according to the requirement of the equipment to choose corresponding level of quality and brand. Use, neither using low ranks of lubricating oil, grease or use other category to replace, and certainly do not use fake lubricating grease. 4, operators and duties to reduce fault first according to the requirements of point inspection system for jobs in the tally and professional check reasonable division of labor, and then clear the corresponding responsibility. Have the responsibility to have pressure, pressure will generate power, work to develop smoothly; Second, to develop the necessary incentive mechanism, -- -- enable jobs tally to long-term development.
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