How to properly maintain the glass edge grinding chamfering machine service life

by:Eworld Machine     2021-01-01
How to properly maintain the glass edge grinding chamfering machine, prolong the service life of the one, in the use of circulating water tank supply, a day after processing, please replace the JiaGongShui, lest the tank caused by dirt inside the pipe plug. Second, the change of water, please pull the plug, and then the water tank, pour out waste water, and clean the tank and filter powder detergent. Three, processing resin, tank will produce a large number of bubbles. Replacing JiaGongShui, add defoaming agent, 7 ~ 10 times. Defoaming agent to eliminate plastic bubble. When the bubble much more special, can be pointed directly at bubble jet 2 ~ 3 times, stir after the effect is much better. Fourth, clean water, water-jet once congestion, reduced or no water, resulting in processing ability to reduce or even unable to work. The water jet cleaning, please unplug the nozzle, with fine needle to remove the nozzle internal plugs. Five axial-flow compressor. in order, clean edge grinding water cover, for a long time working glass edge grinding chamfering machine lens cutting dust attached on the waterproof cover, if not timely cleaning, cutting dust will be cured, it is difficult to remove. Observe the line of sight. Processing after the end of each day, please clean with brush and water containers. Six, clean edge grinding room, long processing time, can make the jaw axis, clamp and cutting edge grinding indoor wall adherent dust, if not keep clear of in time, will scratch the lens, will cause the clamping piece shaft sealing ring wear lead to head into the water. The cleaning method has the following two: ( 1) Clean with brush and water spray container directly. ( 2) Into the clean pattern cleaning machine. This method can also clean the machine internal water supply line. Specific steps, please refer to the random with operating instructions. Seven, clean edge grinding machine and scanner shell, a day after using the machine, must immediately glass edge grinding chamfering machine if placed a few days again after cleaning, cutting powder curing on the chassis, will be difficult to remove. Please use soft cloth with neutral detergent to clean shell. Eight, dressing grinding wheel, when grinding wheel dull, the processing time. To resume the performance of grinding wheel, should trim ( After about 1000 pieces of glass grinding) 。 Method is as follows: A. Trim 1 directly. The wet sand. 2. Boot. 3. After scanning picture frame, transmission data, edge grinding machine is started ( Don't clip lens) 。 4. Under the head backward, turn it off. 5. By grinding wheel inertia, the stone sticks to press, 4 ~ 5 times. B。 In grinding wheel dressing mode 1. Enter the menu. 2. Select grinding wheel dressing mode. 3. Start the machine. 4. By grinding wheel inertia, the stone sticks to press, finishing. 5. To start a grinding wheel running for a few seconds, so that you can trim 4 ~ 5 times. Move up and down nine, to rely on support bar head edge grinding machine, also can be in the support bar a little clock lubricating oil regularly.
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