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How to open a insulating glass factory

How to open a insulating glass factory


What does it take to start a insulating glass processing plant?

First, the glass machine makes the accessories needed for insulating glass, and secondly, the insulating glass processing equipment. What is hollow glass? Hollow Glass is the use of hollow glass processing equipment will be more than two pieces of flat glass with aluminum hollow border separated, with cemented or welded seal, the middle of the formation of free space, and filled with dry air, with heat insulation, sound insulation, frost, anti-condensation and other excellent performance of glass. Hollow glass processing equipment, is to process the production of insulating glass required machinery and equipment. Here is a detailed description of the specific insulating glass processing equipment are what.


First, hollow glass production line hollow glass production line series mainly includes LBZ1600, LBZ1800, LBZ2200, LBZ2500 and other specifications of the hollow glass flat pressure production line, the production line belongs to the high-end insulating glass processing equipment, because of its fast processing speed, high efficiency and favored by the vast number of customers. Hollow glass production line can not only process ordinary insulating glass, but also can process Low-E insulating glass. The whole production line adopts photoelectric and PLC programming control to realize the automatic operation from cleaning to the joint sheet.  In the joint structure of the addition of program control, the use of segmented automatic control, production efficiency is very high.

Second, horizontal hollow glass processing equipment horizontal hollow glass processing equipment mainly includes insulating glass cleaning equipment and insulating glass laminated equipment. These two equipment use less investment, is the vast number of low-end customers processing and production of insulating glass required equipment. Glass cleaning equipment can be used for cleaning and drying before insulating glass manufacturing to ensure a clean surface. Hollow Glass Laminate equipment using stepless speed regulation technology, automatic temperature control system and precision measurement system, with convenient adjustment, high precision, good heating roller pressure effect, etc., is the key equipment for processing composite rubber strip hollow glass. However, the service life of rubber strip hollow glass is short, belonging to the national restrictions on the use of products, please choose according to the actual situation on the ground!


Third, hollow glass coating equipment hollow glass coating equipment, including butyl glue coating machine and double-group coating machine. Butyl glue coating machine is mainly used to apply hot-melt butyl gum on the outside of aluminum groove between insulating glass. Operators only need to support the interval box. Other actions (wheel, transfer, etc.) are automatically completed by the Setup program, easy to operate, reliable movement balance, good coating effect, high production efficiency, is an essential equipment in the production of double-channel seal hollow. Two-part coating machine is mainly used in the outer side of the hollow glass around the edge of the injection of double-group sulfur sealant or double-group ketone structure glue.  Main valve, secondary pump using liquid gas combined drive and contactless gas control system, smooth operation, sensitive and reliable commutative, continuous stability of the glue, high production efficiency, easy to use maintenance, is the production of Groove aluminum hollow glass and curtain wall glass, one of the important equipment.

IV, insulating glass processing auxiliary equipment insulating glass processing auxiliary equipment includes glass grinding machine, automatic rotary coating table, aluminum strip bending machine and molecular sieve filling machine. The glass grinder is mainly used to grind the broken corners around the glass to avoid hurting the worker's hand while processing the insulating glass. Automatic rotary coating table is used with the double-part coating machine, while rotating one side of the glue, the corresponding can improve work efficiency. Aluminum strip bending machine and molecular sieve filling machines mainly process bending aluminum strip hollow glass, according to the actual situation, as appropriate, to consider the selection. To sum up, if you want to open a insulating glass processing plant, the main reference of insulating glass processing equipment has four categories: insulating glass production line, horizontal hollow glass processing equipment, insulating glass coating equipment and insulating glass processing auxiliary equipment. Among them, the choice of equipment should be based on their own actual situation, do not blindly seek large perfection, according to the actual situation of the local choice, to avoid investment waste.

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