How to maintain the buffer device of glass cutting machine

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-02
Glass cutting machine is composed of many devices, one of which is a buffer device, the device is also we occasionally need maintenance, below we will introduce the buffer device is a glass cutting machine maintenance. Repair of glass cutting machine cushioning, clean the surface of mechanical fasteners and hook, should adopt the method of cold wash. Measuring coupling tongue clearance. Paint and lubrication hook, lubrication and shaft assembly center. Cleaning, inspection, lubrication and paint connecting rods, nondestructive inspection and replace all washers, pay attention to the connecting rods shall check the vertical support, grounding cables and hoses. Check the manual loosen the wire rope. Glass cutting machine general overhaul period of 25 d, decomposition and the mechanical parts to clean. Check and clean electrical box, change the contact and seal ring. Maintenance of mechanical parts, replace the solenoid valve, sealing, limit switch, magnetic particle testing was carried out on the hook tongue. Painting, assembly, test, buckle hook tripping test, air tightness test. Automatic gear reducer using is self-lubricating bearings, dispensing with maintenance. In use process, do not need special lubrication or maintenance. Gas connector maintenance: clean and check whether the parts is damaged, replacement of damaged parts; Replace the main duct spring valve with hook duct interface rubber seal; Replace the main duct and hook duct hose.
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