How to identify glass straight line edging machine type and specification?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-01
Glass straight line edge grinding machine model by code, main parameters, characteristics of code or new code. For grinding head number nine glass straight line edge machine as an example, the model shall be the zm9; Number of grinding head for six glass straight line round edge compared to ZYM6 maxhine. Glass straight line edge machine commonly used specifications have zm4 / zm8 / zm9zm11; Glass straight line round edging machine commonly used specifications have zym4 / zym7 / zym8. Glass edge grinding machine preferred Mr Wade glass machinery! Nanjing Mr Wade glass machinery co. , LTD. , specializing in the development of glass edge grinding machine, construction glass edge grinding machine, Mosaic glass edge grinding machine, door and window glass edge grinding machine, beveling machine, glass straight line edge grinding machine, bilateral machines, washing machine, sandblasting machine, glass processing equipment; And with superior cost-effective and perfect after-sales service, leading the trend of the world's glass machinery industry! Mr Wade glass edge grinding machine make full use of the talent advantage, play industry expertise, integration of resources, and constantly develop internationally leading products, win the trust of customers, reputation spread far from home and abroad
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