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by:Eworld Machine     2020-07-30
To correctly use the glass piece, must first to understand its structure, platform mainly includes the glass into the hydraulic system, pneumatic system and vacuum system. 1, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, blast system, vacuum system structure and performance characteristics are horizontally placed, compact structure, economical and practical, high efficiency, easy maintenance. Hydraulic system is mainly to promote glass holder arm lifting, lift smoothly, no vibration, thrust size can be adjusted, speed adjustable; Pneumatic system driving arm can ascend and snapping piece of functionality; Blast system mainly have adsorption and push up the glass run function; The role of vacuum system mainly adsorbed glass. A few big system cooperate closely, reasonable structure. 2, electrical system in the production of multi-functional glass turn table with electrical system main electric elements adopt remote control and switch control, system design of autonomous development and technical level is greater than the domestic same industry. Does note: set the frequency must be between 0 ~ 50 hz, so as not to cause harm to the equipment and personal. 3, program control part adopts omron PLC programmable controller for short, for the whole production line, full automatic control make control system more simple, easy maintenance, reduce the failure rate, improve production efficiency. For the popularity of the above content is mainly in order to let users know more about the glass piece, if you have any questions, welcome to consult our, Eworld machinery look forward to cooperating with you!
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