How to correctly choose and hollow glass equipment?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-03
Many clients in the preparation of hollow glass processing factory, have to inquire which hollow glass equipment to choose in order to work out high quality hollow glass? Today, shunde district, foshan city, Mr Wade's to everybody to popularize the knowledge of hollow glass equipment in the choose and buy: one, vertical insulating glass production line vertical insulating glass production line belongs to the high-end of the hollow glass equipment, because of its high processing efficiency and processing capacity is larger the favour of hollow glass enterprises. This production line is the entire computer automatic control, can automatically identify coating glass and LOW E glass membrane layer, multi period of inverter control, multi-speed operation transformation function, can realize various size of glass run automatically. Production line partition function transmission part adopts stop buffer, avoid even the appearance of glass and equipment positioning collided, and effectively reduce the glass for conveying wheel wear. Glass cleaning machine, horizontal glass cleaning dryer dry cleaning machine is mainly used for horizontal glass insulating glass cleaning and drying before manufacturing. The equipment adopts horizontal structure, feeding, cleaning, drying and discharging continuous processing, automatic transmission device can be infinitely adjustable-speed according to process requirements, stable performance, strong adaptability, economic and practical. Three butyl rubber coating machine, coating equipment is evenly on both sides of aluminum spacing frame butyl special hollow glass equipment, hot melt adhesive is modified JT06 using pressure, the gas-liquid booster pump to provide glue are characterized by their smooth pressure, pressure maintaining the advantages of reliable piece of baseband transmission belt selection of quality, durable, the belt is equipped with tension bridle device, convenient adjustment and maintenance is simple; Head part adopts the latest adhesive structure, according to the width of aluminum strip, not unloading free to adjust two rubber head spacing; The whole machine adopts photoelectric and PLC control system, novel dual pressure wheel positioning, transfer and glue can be adjusted via man-machine interface, convenient operation, is an essential part of production of hollow glass equipment. In general, if you'd like to open a hollow glass processing factory, can according to their own actual situation to choose vertical insulating glass production line + butyl rubber coating machine or horizontal glass cleaning dryer + butyl rubber coating machine can basically meet the production needs, if the condition allows, of course, can also be equipped with, such as automatic line sealant, a two-component glue machine, aluminum bending machine and other auxiliary equipment, will be more limited provide machining quality and efficiency.
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