How to choose the glass profiled cutter automatically?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-29
The manufacturer of cutting machine more than 40, in the majority with private, individual, joint-stock enterprises. Hange tools for statistical data in 2000, gantry cutting machine 380 units, 14650 sets of car type cutting machine, plasma cutting machine 10500 units, 2. 5 million sets of glass oxygen-acetylene cutting machine, cutting nozzle 1. 89 million only. The late Mr Wade cutting industry development in our country, more than a dozen domestic Mr Wade cutting machine manufacturers, market demand in 350 - about a year 400 units, basically meet the demand of domestic market, the import product is less than 10% of the total market. At present domestic Mr Wade cutting machine manufacturers are mainly Shanghai issa cutting machinery co. , LTD. , messer cutting welding co. , LTD. ( Kunshan) , they got the foreign technology on technical support, so the product is in the leading position in domestic. All Mr Wade equipment co. , LTD. , Harbin and Harbin welding cutting equipment co. , LTD. , shaped glass cutting machine, Harbin electrical co. , LTD. Machinery and electronics equipment factory, China state shipbuilding technology research institute, shenzhen head office, Mr Wade isle cutting equipment, wuxi hualian welding equipment factory and other enterprises, the company is taking advantage of their enterprise itself also quickly in technology development, products to meet the needs of different users. Cutting industry product development in our country broke the traditional boundaries between welding and cutting, the products have been jumper welding, glass cutting machine cutting two big industries, there are a lot of enterprises at the same time production of welding and cutting equipment. There exists a disorderly market competition, the cutting machine industry in degeneration, interacting with each other, each other and poaching each other; R&d, less or no investment; With foreign products on the mechanical and control level difference is not big, but the foreign through the understanding of the control system, the only stay in application level; No cooperation between enterprises, cannot unite to open up the market, such as the fittings on the procurement of enterprises will focus on Mr Wade to reduce cost and so on.
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