How to choose the glass edge grinding factory house?

by:Eworld Machine     2020-11-30
In glass deep processing industry, glass edge grinding machine is one of the largest equipment number, as glass procurement staff how to choose the glass edge grinding factory house? Mr Wade advised when the choose and buy should first pay attention to the following: 1. Selection: according to their own actual edge grinding, grinding quotas, choose the most suitable for their own namely to polishing brightness requirements, grind the more quotas, polishing the brighter, the faster the speed, function. 2. Edge grinding accuracy: choose according to their actual requirements, this can't see the introduction of product manuals and light manufacturer that currently most manufacturer's technical parameters are not true. Want to see the actual scene demonstration and glass manufacturers used in actual situation. 3. The guarantee of stability and precision mechanical parts: the first is the design of mechanical parts installation rationality will be an important factor. Ensure the mechanical part of two parallel girders, flatness, how to prevent deformation, whether mechanical casting assembly is an important part of the mechanical stability inspection. 4. Function: the function of edge grinding machine is also an important symbol of validation of edge grinding performance. Whether a 45 ° Angle, can not he, whether with a grinding head lubrication function and so on. In addition to some glass edge grinding machine safety operation procedures and matters needing attention: 1) , before the work wear good shoes, PVC gloves, aprons and disposable masks and other labor protection; 2) Before, in the glass edge grinding of conventional detection equipment; 3) Please confirm before, job processing glass thickness and clamping are consistent; 4) Transfer, glass edge grinding, pay attention to arm the security, risk involved; 5) , keep the plywood conveyor transmission parts of lubrication, gear, skateboarding and rotating parts should be lubricated periodically; 6) , glass edge grinding machine is working, to prevent the water tank is leaking, cause electrical short circuit or personal electric shock accidents such as; 7) To keep the work site neat, safe passage unblocked. The current domestic manufacturing glass edge grinding machine has nearly hundred, but can mature quantitative manufacturer is one of the few, everyone in the choice of glass edge grinding factory home must be careful, can't simply look at information and propaganda, need considering the omni-directional, such ability avoid detour.
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