How to choose the glass cutting machine cutting piece

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-04
How to choose the glass cutting machine cutting piece: 1. According to the cutting of raw materials, the size of the shape, the shape of cutting piece choose different size and power of cutting piece. 2, cutting raw material hard, big diameter, choose soft cutting. 3. High-power cutting machine, cutting raw materials for the hollow or solid small diameter, choose high-end high hardness of the cutting pieces. According to the raw materials of cutting piece mainly divided into fiber resin cutting and diamond cutting. 1. Resin cutting tablets are resin as binder, glass fibres for muscles, combined with a variety of raw materials, alloy steel, stainless steel, such as difficult to cut materials, cutting performance is particularly significant. Wet cutting, dry cutting, the accuracy is more stable, at the same time, cutting and hardness of selected raw materials, can greatly improve the efficiency of your cutting, save you the cost of production. Diamond cutting disc is a kind of tool, widely used in stone slab, concrete, precast slab, new and old pavement, ceramics and other hard brittle materials processing. Matrix and the cutting tool. Matrix is the main part of the support bond head, cutting, cutting head in use process, will cost but often in the use of cutting tool, the substrate is not, can reduce the effect of cutting tool, because is rich in diamond and diamond, the most hard materials, friction in the cutting tool processing object. While diamond particles by metal bag inside the tool.
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