How to choose the appropriate correct glass edge grinding machine _ _ news

by:Eworld Machine     2020-12-20
How to choose the right, the right glass edge grinding machine? In fact this is skilled, let Mr Wade automation equipment co. , LTD in detail for you. Selection of glass edge grinding machine, is a comprehensive subject, the key is the quality of the product, the second is the price, this is the introduction to choose glass edge grinding machine need to grasp a few links and several simple methods, reference for choosing factory and you. First, the manufacturer's qualification. Production equipment of complete integrity: the level of the equipment and the production ability, the quality assurance system in the process of production, production time production experience. Second, have complete technical file 'instruction manual' 'certificate' 'inspection card' 'production license' and so on. Third, some simple and easy way to detect the glass edge grinding machine: 1. Touch: touch the glass edge grinding chamfering, touch the glass edge grinding machine peripheral glue is uniform and tidy, if there is a plastic flow and owe glue. 2. Listen to: hand percussion glass edge grinding machine, pressure in place of qualified products, its sound is ringing, otherwise, uneven glass molding pressure or whole. 3. The selection of quality: look at the watch glass, see butyl rubber coating quality. See polysulfide rubber coating quality, see if there is a misalignment between two layers of glass forming. The thickness of the glass edge grinding machine of single piece of glass conformed to the standard requirements, if the amount on the glass edge, diagonal conform to the requirements of the relevant standards, volume molding thickness of the combination of the glass edge grinding machine is in compliance with relevant standards.
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